Gorgeous Photography

The Yorkshire Dales gallery is primarily images from Wensledale, the home of the world famous Wensleydale cheese as loved by Wallace & Gromitt. It was also where the vet James Herriot lived and worked and where the BBC filmed the series "All Creatures Great and Small". Really old pasture land with centuries old dry-stone walls wherever you look.

Buying my images

If you are a corporate art consultant, office design consultant or interior designer please email me at richard@richardkingphoto.com.

If you wish to acquire one or more of my images you will be directed to the sales website by clicking on the link by any image. There you will have the usual shopping cart to use.

You may have a large space to fill and you are looking for a large print, but how do you know it will look right?

Peace of Mind

I will print a proof print to the dimensions you request for $75 plus shipping (same shipping cost as the same size canvas). You can carefully position the proof print where you are considering placing the print. If you then purchase the image in a similar size (maybe larger or smaller) I will credit the price of the print with the $75 - so peace of mind has only cost you the shipping cost!

My "Peace of Mind" proofing service only applies to large prints or canvas gallery wraps (45 inches or more for square or rectangular prints, 60 inches or more for panoramas).

Proof prints are not of the quality of my fine art prints or gallery wrap canvas prints. They are printed on lightweight proofing paper so the colors and details are approximate.